Hail to the sheep…part 1

Last summer my lovely husband bought me a spinning wheel for my birthday. I threw myself into learning the art of spinning and, although very much still a novice, I began to produce some usable yarn. The more I used the wheel the greater my desire to try spinning new fibres became, and by the time Yarndale came around in September I was ready to go on a major ‘fluff’ stash-building mission.

I had developed a clear plan, to try spinning the wool of as many different breeds as possible, how else would I truly learn the characteristics of each different type of wool? Distracted at times by dazzling blends in rainbow colours, sparkles and shimmer, I did manage to come away with a good array of wool to spin. I rushed home to display them all in my new special basket (because choosing storage solutions is all part of the fun, no?)…where they have remained since.

The pile looks bigger in real life!


So, I have decided that NOW is the time for me to get back to it and have decided to blog my progress here as an incentive to keep going. I am going to start with the British Breed sampler pack I bought from the wonderful Hilltop Cloud. I am a huge fan of Kate Davies Designs and this pack will allow me to spin up all the yarn I will need to knit up her fantastic ‘Sheep Heid’ hat.

Sheep crop

My aim is to have the hat finished by October when I am heading up to Shetland for a bit of Wool Week fun. I’ll let you know how I get on!


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